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Welcome to Universal Chiropractic!

Welcome to Universal Chiropractic

We’re so glad you landed here!

We have created a warm and friendly environment for individuals and families in and around Canberra, Chifley, Woden Valley and Weston Creek to feel welcome and at home. If you’re looking for a solution to an ongoing health concern or perhaps your wish is to optimise your own or your children’s health then we welcome you to Universal Chiropractic!

Making Informed Choices

Universal Chiropractic was established to “provide chiropractic and health education to families and individuals giving them the opportunity to make informed health choices”.

Pregnancy and Paediatric Chiropractic Care

Perhaps you are saying to yourself:

  • Why does my child seem uncoordinated?
  • What impact did that fall have on my child’s spine?
  • My baby won’t stop crying and I don’t know why!
  • Other women glow in their pregnancy, why don’t I?
  • My body doesn’t work the way it used to.
  • There has to be another way to approach health for my child and myself.

We’re Here To Assist YOU!

If you are asking yourself these questions then we are here to assist you with finding the answers.

To schedule your private appointment with Dr Kathy who’s interest and experience is in pregnancy & paediatrics, call our Canberra office on 0411 125 637! 

Dr Knight | Canberra, ACT Chiropractor | 0411 125 637

Providing Chiropractic & Health Education to Canberra, Chifley, Woden Valley and Weston Creek