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Our Chiropractic Techniques

We use a number of adjusting approaches to help improve spinal biomechanics. The approach we use is based on our clinical judgment and years of experience.

Pregnancy, Babies & Children

Gentle low-force, low-amplitude techniques are used with infants and young children such as touch and hold, cranial therapy, mobilisations and gentle stretching. read more»

Techniques for Adults

The primary adjusting techniques we use with adults include:


Sacro Occipital Technique helps normalize the relationship between the pelvis and the head, using gravity to make the necessary correction. read more»


Thompson Terminal Point technique is a system of analysis and a special table that reduces the amount of energy needed to adjust your spine. read more»


This is a system of spinal evaluation combined with a handheld adjusting instrument that delivers a consistent, low-force thrust. read more»


Neuro Emotional Technique helps identify “stuck” emotional patterns that are often responsible for aches, pains and even self-defeating habits. read more»

If you’ve been to a chiropractor before and prefer to be adjusted in a particular way, let us know. We want you to relax, enjoy and fully benefit from your chiropractic care. We’d love to meet you and answer your questions. Give Universal Chiropractic a call today!